About the Race

36km route

After much deliberation we have decided to drop a few kilos off our infamous 45km "grand old lady" route. We have cut out the boring bits and made it more achievable . As always a very challenging route for even the most seasoned trail runner. Average run time 5 Hours @ 8kms per hour now. Dramatic scenery with dramatic climbing. Water points will roughly be at 10km . (36km / 22km split) , 24km , and 30km marks. Hydration packs , sustenance and a mobile phone are absolutely necessary for this event. This will be our first year using GPS navigation for this route but the route will still be marked and navigable without a GPS. The first 10kms and the last 9kms will be marked as the 22km route is marked. Click here to download the GPX file.


22km route

(3 hours @ 7 minutes per KM ) An awesome route and very doable for most trail runners. Still with plenty climbing this year. The route follows bush lines and trail networks. Water points at 10kms and 17 kms. Click here to download the GPX file.


10km route

Known as the family route . Anyone can do this route , although there is 1 big climb up to the water table at 5kms. ( A 3km climb !!)


5km route

Ideal for kids with minimal climbing.